Admission Process

Thank you for showing interest in S.L. Education Institute. Our faculty admissions process ensures equality and fair get entry to to all.

An application for registration is the primary stage of the admissions process. A registration price must be paid in conjunction with software in order that the ward’s name can be registered for the year and sophistication for which admission is sought. The price is neither refundable nor adjustable and it’s far valid most effective for the specified academic year. Registration of a ward isn’t always a guarantee of admission.

Requirement at the time of Registration
  • One current passport size image of the ward must be attached.
  • The finished Registration card ought to be despatched in conjunction with an attested photocopy of the pupil’s Birth Certificate and the Registration Fee.
  • Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate should be issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths of the place in which the child turned into born. Affidavits, certificate from the hospital, or certificate from every other person aren’t accepted. The Birth Certificate have to now not be dated multiple yr after the date of birth.

  • Medical Certificate

All new entrants are required to supply a medical certificate certifying that they are free from any contagious or infectious disorder and are otherwise physically fit to be admitted to the college. The parents should give an challenge in writing to this effect. If the kid is observed medically unfit, the admission stands cancelled.

  • Photographs

Four latest passport size pix are required to be submitted via every new pupil.

  • Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate

A valid Transfer Certificate from the School remaining attended, issued by means of the Principal right now previous to the pupil joining S.L. Education Institute as well as a Character Certificate, are important necessities and must be submitted on the day that the child joins School. In addition, the student is required to provide the final Report Card indicating promotion to the following class, in addition to proof of attendance for the previous 12 months

  • Migration Certificate

This is required for admission to Class XI in the case of students from Boards apart from the CBSE.

  • Aptitude /Proficiency Assessment

Every infant registered for admission from classes LKG to eleventh is predicted to appear for an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment at the college. Offers of admission are given on the idea of the results of these Assessments and rely on the variety of vacancies in each class. Any requests for different preferential treatment are not entertained.