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S.L. Education Institute

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.”
∿ Manish Thakur .

Physical Education is an integral part of the SFC routine. All students are encouraged to pick up a sport and play regularly. All sports disciplines are practiced under the guidance of specialised coaches. SFC teams regularly participate in district and state level tournaments. Sports Day is an annual event of great enthusiasm, team building exercises and absolute excitement.

S.L. Education Institute has a pinnacle class Basketball court docket and regulary organises local and district stage tournaments. Both the boys & women teams of S.L. Education InstituteBasketball Society regularly represent the college at these tournaments. This sport has a excellent pleasure of region at S.L. Education Instituteas many kids have taken up the sport and gained many laurels at various levels.

S.L. Education Institute has a nation of the art indoor Badminton Court wherein college students of all age groups regulary come to analyze the sport. The faculty additionally organises many nearby and district level tournaments. Both the lads and women crew of S.L. Education Institute Badminton Society regularly represent the school at those tournaments.

S.L. Education Institute encourages college students to take up Yoga at an early age to inculcate exact Indian values from the start and additionally for their normal well-being. The faculty takes a lot of pleasure in the Yoga Society of S.L. Education Institute as many kids have joined Yoga and received many awards at various levels.

S.L. Education Instituteencourages students to take up Yoga at an early age to inculcate exact Indian values from the start and also for their basic well-being. The faculty takes lots of pleasure within the Yoga Society of S.L. Education Institute as many children have joined Yoga and gained many awards at numerous levels.