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S.L. Education Institute

Keeping in view the reality that theoretical coaching coupled with realistic work is the first-class way to apprehend and grasp the numerous ideas of science, the faculty has due to the fact its inception furnished the scholars with all centers for good sized sensible work in the laboratories. S.L. Education Institute is geared up with fully-useful Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer Science laboratories.

The Physics lab is well-lit, well-ventilated and spacious with every feasible equipment and system which is essential for practical-work.
The college students are made to perform experiments related to light, magnetism, heat, fashionable properties, electricity, etc. time and again so that the fundamentals of physics are clean to them. In order to facilitate this, the school has made to be had extra than enough gadgets and apparatus.

This lab is an aesthetically designed spacious concrete-and-tiles shape with a permanent Gas Bank and piped gasoline for burners and lamps. The store-room is stocked with top-great apparatus, chemical substances and reagents.
It carries safety capabilities like fireplace extinguishers and exhaust fans and is well-ventilated and well-lit with three exits on 3 unique sides. The lab helps practical-work for about 40-50 students at the equal time.

It is the lab which opens a window to the sector of technological know-how and its phenomena. The Biology lab has a group of stunning charts and individual specimens from the arena of animal and plant life in order to introduce the students to the biological and environmental mysteries of our world.
The lab has good enough arrangements for strolling water and sinks, practical-paintings tables and stools, a teacher’s demonstration-table, microscopes, etc. To facilitate simultaneous operating by several organizations of students.

The computer science lab has been designed and developed across the aforesaid idea and the desires of the students. The lab is aesthetically designed and is air-conditioned, well-lit and almost sound-proof. It has paintings stations with sufficient elbow-room and is geared up with computer systems with the state-of-the-art operating systems, different kinds of printers and a large number of software. It has a LAN environment for clean and controlled functioning. Students are made to perform practical-work in a scheduled way and every student is provided sufficient exposure to running on a pc.