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S.L. Education Institute
Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular sports at S.L. Education Institute are as essential as the academics as they help create broaden aesthetic and creative sensibilities in studentsGirls are recommended to choose any two sports from the various disciplines offered by using the school.

The School offers all its college students music, dance and drama as activities. Children are regularly encouraged to pick atleast one pastime and work difficult towards honing their skill.

Performances and workshops by well known artistes are frequently hosted by the School so that you can give top elegance publicity to the students.

S.L. Education Institute takes satisfaction in its numerous co-curricular societies and encourages students to join atleast one society within the school. All the S.L. Education Institute socities strive to provide a platform to college students who are innovative and feature the capacity and inclination to explicit in exclusive art forms.

The Spectacle Society is dedicated to students interested in Hindi and English drama and theatre. The members of the Spectacle are known to give powerful performances at Inter- House , Inter-School and Inter-City level.

The View Society is for the young debaters. Students are encouraged to think, form and their express their views on different topics . They are given a safe platform to present their views and debate at Inter-House and Inter-City level.

At S.L. Education Institute, we recognise the impotant role that the community plays in the development and growth of humans, thus ensuring that our students actively participate in social and community service.

They are made to understand and appreciate differences but also learn to make a difference to those less fortunate than themselves. Regular visits to old age homes and orphanges are organised along with tie ups with various NGOs and organisations for talks and various other activities. Every Saturday, the students are made to work actively with the community. They work with the elderly, the underprivileged or the less-abled .

Through these activities, we strive to make them more socially conscious and grateful for the privileges they have, and teach them the importance of gratitude, generosity and sensitivity.